Frankly Speaking Band
FRANKLY SPEAKING, you'll get a kick out of our drums and a lick out of our guitars.

ROCK CLASSICS - Straight Up! Whether you are planning a festival, special event, wedding or club gig you can count on FRANKLY SPEAKING BAND to deliver classic rock and dance music to the audience with tight harmonies and enviable instrumental solos. 

FRANKLY SPEAKING brings a blend of musical freedom and uniqueness to each and every performance - with stylistic influences from Zappa, Santana and Knopfler delivering an audible fusion, where metal meets classical and prog-rock combines with the blues..

Quite frankly – expect an audible delight.
And Frankly Speaking – you won't want to miss a single show.

Frankly Speaking Band Los Angeles.

. You will know all the tunes as they are delivered with high-energy, musical prowess and passion.
Take the best tunes across multiple eras and various genres - and then turn them upside down;
FRANKLY SPEAKING playing Steppenwolf, Kinks, Neil Young, Petty,
Eagles, AC/DC and more.......... .


- * - FSB selected to showcase at the Fiesta Hermosa Labor Day 2018.
- *
- New dates booked for THE SAGEBRUSH CANTINA
- * - NEW ONLINE PHOTO PAGE launched.
- * - Facebook page gains momentum.....
- * - FSB plays the OC Fairgrounds Gourmet Food Fair.

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