FRANKLY SPEAKING, you will seriously get a kick out of our drums and a lick out of our guitars.


FRANKLY SPEAKING delivers rock and dance music to the audience with tight harmonies and enviable instrumental solos. Formed in the South Bay in 2011, Frankly Speaking set out to put their own translation on the "standards" and make them as enjoyable to listen as dance to. A mixed-genre professional performance band, they focus their energy on turning both current and vintage rock classics upside down.

FRANKLY SPEAKING brings a blend of musical freedom and uniqueness to each and every performance - with stylistic influences from Zappa, Santana and Knopfler delivering an audible fusion where metal meets classical and prog-rock combines with the blues. You will know all the tunes as they are delivered with high-energy, musical prowess and passion; playing Steppenwolf, Kinks, Neil Young, Petty, Eagles, AC/DC and more..........

Here's a small selection of the artists whose tunes hit our play list:

- Tom Petty
- Neil Young
- Kings of Leon
- Badfinger
- Radio Head
- Tracy Chapman
- Alanis Morisette
- Bad Company
- Social Distortion
- Sheryl Crowe
- Led Zeppelin
- Creedence Clearwater
- Alanna Myles
- Ozzy Osbourne
- Pat Benatar
- Aerosmith
Sultans of Swing
My Head's In Mississippi
Couldn't Stand The Weather

Frankly Speaking Band - Los Angeles


Rock: Frank Zappa
Progressive: Rush
Retro: Engelbert
Classic Rock: AC/DC
Metal:  Iron Maiden
Blues: Crispin in Shades
International: Only Frank Knows
Instrumental: Santana
Classical: The Masters
Fashion: Rock'n Roll Outfitters
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